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Why FSBO Sellers Should Hire a Realtor

For Sale by owner ft myers logoI’ve seen a few FSBO’s(For Sale By Owner) in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding area’s only to see that a few months later they have signed their listing with a local real estate agent.

Why FSBO Sellers Should Hire a Realtor

Although not hiring a realtor might seem an attractive idea as it’s cost-effective but there are many reasons why you are likely to regret not getting a realtor involved.

  1. No Market for FSBOs

Statistically the FSBOs nowadays don’t get to sell the homes very successfully as out of all the sales in the year 2013, only 9 out of every 100 homes were sold by the home owners. This obviously indicates that something is up and the FSBO trend is falling rapidly. The reason behind is that FSBOs fail to sell homes due to lack of technical knowledge, skills and experience. This is when hiring a realtor seems to be a pretty good idea.

  1. Experience and Knowledge

The experienced realtors have a great know-how regarding what would be the exact price of your home. They do a detailed analysis of the market to estimate the price that your home deserves. However, there are fair chances that the owner doesn’t know about the correct price of the home according to its location. Moreover, the owner of the home might not be considering other crucial factors like the condition of the home, locality and nearby facilities while putting up the price of the home. The owner might either put a price tag that’s too high or too low, and in both cases, this would be disastrous.

  1. Marketing Tactics

The FSBO home sellers don’t know the modern tactics of marketing the home to make it look attractive enough for the buyers to buy. Only putting up a ‘FOR SALE’ sign doesn’t suffice in today’s world. The buyers nowadays are hunting for good houses through Internet and latest technology. There are several apps for this purpose now which help the buyers buy the property/house of their choice. The buyers are now much more aware and tech-savvy than before. More than 90% of the home buyers are using the web searches to look for their dream house. The realtors know how to use internet smartly to attract the potential home buyers while avoiding any scams. If you are an inexperienced FSBO home seller, then you are likely to fall prey to the scammers on Craigslist just for the sake of putting up free classified listings of your home. Realtors however take the responsibility of putting the listings only on highly-trusted websites to avoid any scams.

  1. Targeting the Audience

Realtors know all the tips and tricks to use the Marketing tools that are appropriate for attracting your potential buyers. FSBOs normally think that social media is the biggest help and their Facebook friends might be interested in buying their home. This means that FSBOs lack the skills to attract the right audience who are willing to pay good money for their home. However, Realtors can Work unbiasedly and use a smart approach to sell your home.

  1. Documentation and Paperwork

We realize that selling a home is not an easy task. It can be haphazard to do all the paperwork on your own. Not only do you have to enter every detail on the contracts, but you also have to make sure that every sort of legal work is done. An experienced and qualified realtor knows how to tackle with the difficult paper work and doesn’t let you worry about anything.

If you’re thinking of selling your house, call us today.  Don’t stress yourself with the open house, marketing, and paperwork.  We’re professionals and we’re here to get you the most money for your home and make this whole process run smoothly. Call us today 239-810-4080239-810-4080

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